2015 NFDA International Convention & Expo

2015 NFDA International Convention & Expo

October 18-21, 2015
Indiana Convention Center, 100 S. Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN

2015 NFDA International Convention & Expo Registration Brochure / Convención y Exposición Internacional de la NFDA de 2015 Folleto de Inscripción

It’s not your grandfather’s Indy!

Theodore Roosevelt was president, the first Model T rolled off the assembly line and passenger air travel had just begun in 1908 when roughly 200 NFDA members gathered for the 27th annual convention in Indianapolis, Indiana (pictured, right). The hot topics at the convention that year included education, transportation of the dead and lobbying for a vital statistics law.  No doubt they had an amazing time in Indy that year, enjoying everything the city had to offer – but they could hardly imagine the transformation the city would go through in the century ahead.

And what a transformation it has been.  Now, in 2015, the world-class city of Indianapolis is ready to welcome new generations of funeral service professionals – offering amazing food, family-friendly attractions, inspiring historical sites, thrilling sports and top-notch entertainment.

NFDA Statement on Inclusivity During the International Convention & Expo

It's not your grandfather's convention either!

Prepare for the experience of a lifetime at the 2015 NFDA International Convention & Expo in Indianapolis, Indiana!

This year’s convention kicks off with an unforgettable welcome party at the Indiana State Museum where history buffs will love discovering Indiana’s secrets through hands-on exhibits that explore the state’s diverse history.  In the days that follow, make sure to take advantage of everything NFDA has to offer:

•    Engaging educational sessions held by industry experts
•    The world’s largest funeral service expo
•    Unique tours and fun social events
•    Inspiring All-Star Recognition Ceremony
•    Festive Funeral Directors Under 40 Party
•    And much more!

Be sure to stay through Wednesday evening to join your friends and colleagues for an exclusive experience at Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the NFL Colts and Super Bowl 2012! You’ll be talking about this once-in-a-lifetime experience for years to come!

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